Seabuckthorn leaf anti-influenza activity

Seabuckthorn leaf anti-influenza activity

Anti-influenza activity of Seabuckthorn leaf.

Polyphenol rich seabuckthorn may have some effects against common cold and influenza viruses.

A study from South Korea has found that Seabuckthorn leaf has anti-influenza activity. Seabuckthorn also can be used as a medicinal plant to prevent cold. 

The entire plant of Seabuckthorn is a great origin of a broad range of active biological substances. Scientists  have found  bio-available nutrients in berries, leaves, branches and buds. In addition, these nutrients are very plentiful in a diversity of vitamins and biologically active compounds. Seabuckthorn plant is a rich source of polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids, tocopherols and sterols.  Additionally, researchers identified over 190 bio-available nutrients in seabuckthorn, which have potent medicinal properties and high nutritional density.

Among vitamins and minerals, seabuckthorn leaf contains flavonoids, polyphenols and their glycosides which support its medicinal properties such as anti-cancerous, anti-bronchitis and anti-virus.

Please find an analysis of Solberry seabuckthorn leaf  in this document. The value of  total polyphenols and total flavonoids 9638mg/100g and 7500mg/100g respectively.


Extreme effects of Seabuckthorn extracts on Influenza viruses. 

Seabuckthorn leaf extract has demonstrated effectiveness against influenza viruses.  Scientists at the Department of Chemistry and Nano Science,   South Korea conducted research testing different seabuckthorn leaf extracts.   They used human cells infected with influenza virus and human cells without influenza virus infection to conduct their experiment as positive and negative control, respectively.

Researchers prepared four different seabuckthorn leaf extracts.  Two extracts Ethanol and Methanol showed very strong anti-viral activities against influenza viruses compared with well-known anti-influenza agent Oseltamivir.  Researchers also identified the concentration levels of the extract needed to be effective.  These anti-viral properties of seabuckthorn leaf could be due to the fact that it is extremely rich in  polyphenols and flavonoids. Specifically,  seabuckthorn leaf contains quercetin, isorhamnetin,  kaempferol,  and their flavonol glycosides.

Another study from Italy verified that seabuckthorn flower buds or shoots also have strong anti-viral properties

Quercetin, isorhamnetin and other polyphenols are showing inhibitory activity in the early stage of influenza infection, according to many studies.  This provides a future therapeutic option to develop effective, safe and affordable natural products for the treatment of influenza and common cold.  Visit our Solberry on-line store to purchase seabuckthorn leaf tea.


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