Seabuckthorn heart health benefits

Seabuckthorn heart health benefits

Seabuckthorn may help your heart

Nutrient rich plant may have some effects on heart health

Seabuckthorn has heart health benefits. Daily consumption of Seabuckthorn may lower harmful type of cholesterol. The study from Finland and UK found conclusive evidence of seabuckthorn oil on blood clotting.  Seabuckthorn is a natural source of vitamins and  190 bio-active compounds such as carotenoids and flavonoids.  Carotenoids and flavonoids have been claimed to lower cholesterol, platelet aggregation, blood pressure and blood sugar. Seabuckthorn also a source of very valuable heart healthy oils – Omega 3, and 7, as well as vitamin E and sterols.  Besides, seabuckthorn oil contains about 1% sterols with sitosterol being the most abundant individual component.
Seabuckthorn oil  is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  In addition, the ideal ratio of omega-3 and 6 is 1:1, which makes consumption of seabuckthorn desirable in reducing the risk of heart diseases.  Fatty acids are indispensable compounds of the cell membranes, are responsible for the transport of vitamins.  In particular, seabuckthorn is a perfect natural vegetable source to obtain a wide range of fatty acids, especially essential and unsaturated fatty acids to combat cardiovascular dysfunction.

Clinical study  – seabuckthorn oil inhibits platelet aggregation

Twelve healthy males participated in this study. Each volunteer consumed seabuckthorn oil in primary group and coconut oil in controlled group. Seabuckthorn supplementation did not change plasma lipid profile. Instead, a clear decrease in the rate of platelet aggregation and maximum aggregation were found.  Consumption of seabuckthorn oil over 4 weeks had a positive effect on heart health. In summary, this study suggested that seabuckthorn oil could be valuable when treating persons with increased tendency to blood clotting.  There is a centuries-old tradition in Chinese medicine to utilize seabuckthorn and beneficial effects of its oil in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.  Furthermore, seabuckthorn berries and alcohol extracts given orally to humans to inhibit thrombus formation or platelet aggregation and had positive effects heart health. Where to buy Canadian grown and cold pressed seabuckthorn oil:  Solberry on-line store or Vita Health Fresh Markets  Winnipeg.

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