Seabuckthorn oil may ease dry eye symptoms

Seabuckthorn oil may ease dry eye symptoms

Seabuckthorn helps dry eyes

Consumption of seabuckthorn helps to reduce dryness and ease symptoms of redness and burning of eyes

Clinical studies have shown consumption of seabuckthorn helps to reduce dry eye symptoms as well as redness and burning sensation in eyes. Seabuckthorn oil  is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  Moreover, the ideal ratio 1:1 of omega-3 and 6 makes consumption of seabuckthorn desirable in reducing the risk of many chronic diseases. It is also a source of omega-7 fatty acids. Fatty acids are indispensable compounds of the cell membranes, are responsible for the transport of vitamins. Recently, research highlighted that some plants, such as seabuckthorn, contain abundant and valuable fatty acids (especially in their seeds) with high nutritional profile.   In particular, seabuckthorn is a perfect natural vegetable source to obtain a wide range of fatty acids , especially essential and unsaturated fatty acids to combat dry eye condition

Clinical study  – seabuckthorn oil in treating dry eye condition

The actual treatments for the dry eye are not as efficient.  For instance, artificial tears relieve symptoms without treating the causative factors. Although anti-inflammatory drugs could produce side effects, they are still used to alleviate dry eye symptoms. Researchers from Finland investigated the effects of seabuckthorn oil for the treatment of dry eye. A randomized double-blind, parallel, placebo-controlled trial recruited a total of 100 volunteers. Two groups consumed 2 g of seabuckthorn oil daily or placebo during 3 months (during the cold season). According to the results, oral intake of seabuckthorn oil positively affected tear film osmolarity and reduced dry eye symptoms.  As well as significant alleviation of burning and redness.  Read more about this clinical study.  Where to buy Canadian grown and cold pressed seabuckthorn oil:  Solberry on-line store or Vita Health Fresh Markets  Winnipeg.

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