Solberry Sells Food – Not Supplements

When we introduce our food products to new stores we are usually referred to the “Supplements Manager”.  This is because before Solberry, almost all seabuckthorn products came in the form of supplements (I still haven’t found any that are classified as food).  We are inevitably asked for a NPN (Natural Product Number) which does not apply to our food products.

Supplements fall into a different category.  The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has limited power over supplements and supplement claims.

Supplements manufacturers (USA requirements):

  • makes claims without approval from the FDA before they are marketed
  • are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and truthfulness of product claims (without proof)
  • do not have to provide the FDA with the evidence it relies on substantiate safety or effectiveness
  • can protect themselves with the lowly asterisk (* – “these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA”)


  • cannot make product claims without evidence
  • must conduct double blind clinical trials to state some of the amazing results seen here and abroad
  • requires the sanction of Health Canada and the CFIA to offer our NFT as legal
  • utilizes a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plan in our production (as well as GMP)

Next time you consider a seabuckthorn product think about Canadian grown Solberry Seabuckthorn Puree.  This is a single ingredient (seabuckthorn in a bottle) “Product of Canada” food with an amazing nutritional composition.  If you are looking for the Himalayan experience you are welcome to try one of our competitors supplements.

Solberry sells food – not supplements. We have a single ingredient in our bottle which contains the pulp of the seabuckthorn berry. Our seabuckthorn foodstuff is quite tart (and fruity). It is important to note that the nutritional value of Solberry Seabuckthorn Puree is far superior to any supplement.

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