Solberry Seabuckthorn Puree – Canadian Grown Seabuckthorn

We are often told that our products are expensive.

Most seabuckthorn is sourced from China.

All of our raw materials (seabuckthorn berries are sourced locally – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and soon Ontario) which means we put income into the hands of Canadian growers.

Our berries are picked at peak ripeness (August, September – sometimes October depending on locale and seabuckthorn variety).

We buy almost all packaging locally – do all our printing, signage and labels locally.

Other seabuckthorn suppliers provide a “seabuckthorn supplement”. The rules for supplements regarding nutritional information and health claims are significantly different from those for food.  Solberry sells food!

So if you think seabuckthorn is something to experience – try Solberry for a month or two – the worst case is that you will add an incredible nutritional mix to your daily diet.

Just so you know – it’s pretty sour.

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