Using Solberry Seabuckthorn Puree

Take it straight! A tablespoon in the morning is a real eye opener. If you like the taste this is the best delivery of Solberry Sea Buckthorn Puree. You get to appreciate the wonderful nuance of seabuckthorn’s unique bouquet (mango, apricot - some say pineapple). On top of that - the tartness of seabuckthorn will assist even the most drowsy to open their eyes and take in the morning. And best of all - Solberry Sea Buckthorn Puree is caffeine free.

Straight too much for you? Mix a tablespoon in the morning into:

A glass of water,
A morning smoothie
If you already drink juice - add a tablespoon
Mix it your morning yogurt
I started using it with Canadian Gold Sparkling Water - you should try it - tastes amazing!

If you have a way to take your daily dose of Solberry and would like to share - Let us know and we will post it here.

Add a lot of nutrition to your favourite desert (as long as your favourite desert is vanilla ice cream) - drizzle Solberry Sea Buckthorn Puree on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The sweet and sour make a nice combination.

The boss uses it in her homemade chocolates - so it might work with chocolate ice cream as well (I will make the sacrifice and give it a try).

There are probably a lot of simple ways to add the amazing nutritional profile of Solberry Sea Buckthorn Puree to your daily diet. If you want to try something a little more involved, check out our recipes. If have a recipe that you would like to share - Let us know and we will post it on our recipe page.