About Solberry

Making Solberry Sea Buckthorn Puree the flagship product of the Solberry food line. Solberry is and will be working in cooperation with The Food Development Centre, and local growers to bring more locally grown, natural healthy food to the marketplace.

Solberry Seabuckthorn Puree fits the criteria perfectly delivering highly nutritious, delicious* food using Canadian grown berries, technology and production facilities

We have released our Puree and Herbal Leaf Tea over the past 2 years.

Just recently Solberry has introduced our Solberry Seabuckthorn Nutrition bar on a limited trial basis (Vic’s Fruit Market and Vita Health Stores). The Solberry Bar is a nutritional powerhouse. It has 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fibre.

The bar is whey and soy free and all vitamins are derived from the ingredients (Nothing Artificial!).

Solberry's Mission

Solberry is bringing pure, nutritious products to the market. Our products are exclusively free of chemical additives (this means NO artificial fragrances, preservatives or hidden ingredients).

Solberry is working with local growers to provide safe, Canadian grown and processed food to Canadians.

Solberry is providing a fair balance between growers, processor and consumers using locally grown food and technology.


Solberry has been honoured with:

Industry Excellence Awards
Best New Product 2012
(Small Business)
Manitoba Food Processors Association